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Self-Regulation: Creating Habits of Ease

On Demand

This course will be held live over Zoom on:

September 24, October 1, 8, & 15th from 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM PT

Course Description

Trauma and toxic stress impact our nervous system, brain, health, and epigenetics. Trauma impacts the developing brain and can set up a cascade of effects across the health and life trajectory. The restorative practices of Self-Regulation allow us to care for the nervous system and brain - restoring our natural wholeness and brilliance. We are growing the EASE where the learning is done. When the nervous system is balanced and the brain receives more circulation, the learning parts of our brain light up. We come out of survival mode. When we feel safe and connected the body can enter the restorative state of self-regulation.

Course Objectives:

  • Balance your nervous system and care for your organs, including the brain
  • Experience the restorative power of your breath.
  • Understand your triune nervous system and how the body adapts in times of stress.
  • Recognize the stress-disease connection and the mechanisms to help the body create foundations for restoring wellbeing.
  • Activate your social engagement system and explore the power of co-regulation.
  • • Create effective self-care habits using the neuroscience of habit.

The 4-part experiential learning series helps people create efficient self-care practices.

Part 1 sets the foundation for the series: We get our witness in play to reveal our dynamic and adaptive body. We take care of our spine, brain, and posture to support brain health. We discover our stress-reflexes, relaxation-reflexes, and comfort signals.

Part 2 cares for the organs including our brain. Our brains love oxygen and nutrients and are just waiting for us to create the foundations for wellbeing. We explore four key aspects of restorative breath. We learn about the triune nervous system and what helps us restore balance and ease.

Part 3 activates our Social Engagement System: We discover the superpower of Co-Regulation and the importance of mirror neurons. We learn how to claim and share our calm with others as we reconnect with the world around us.

Part 4 inspires action and application: We see beautiful anatomy details to help us understand how to work with our smart bodies. We plan for our next steps for ourselves and our community.

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Instructor : Teresa Posakony
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