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Course 2: Trauma-Supportive Certification (ON-DEMAND)

On Demand

A dynamic self-paced, on-demand course will help to transform your organization, classroom, or family through resilience-based strategies. Using trauma-informed principles, the course teaches individuals to systematically create the positive environment that is essential for lasting success.

Attendees will learn more than 30 strategies and promising approaches utilized by some of the nation’s finest trauma-informed practitioners. This will include strategies to:

  • Build a positive culture in the classroom, office, or the family
  • Foster resilience through affirming communication
  • Create effective regulation skills
  • Deliver compassionate and empowering discipline
  • Teach others about their own trauma and stress response
  • Develop trauma-informed conflict resolution skills

***Attendees for Course 2 must have taken CRI’s Course 1.

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